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A Letter from Spenser & Precious

Hi from Nebraska! We’ve got roots in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Minneapolis, and even Papua New Guinea. We make it a priority to fill our lives with experiences and meaningful relationships through travel, two supportive families, and a local neighborhood and church community. The Lord has put adoption on our hearts and we can’t wait! This deep priority will extend to loving you and learning about what you want for your child’s future.

About Us

We’ve been married for six years, together for eight years. When we started dating, we would often pool our ingredients to make a meal together. The conversation over these first meals was often centered around our shared heart and passion for adoption.

We look forward to sharing our passions for cooking and eating, traveling to see family around the country, and worshiping with a local community that is close-knit and diverse. We are excited to share so many things with a child, everything from our urban garden to the beauty and complexity of life. We have a downstairs full of books varying from children’s to academic that we look forward to reading from every night.

When we’re not visiting family, we’ll be spending summer evenings on the porch and winter days either making snowmen or cozying up in a warm home to play games or watch movies. We can’t wait to welcome baby to share in these activities.

About Precious

Precious is my role model and love. The sincerity and depth of her compassion and her saint’s heart for others continues to surprise me to this day. She is strong in her convictions with the bravery and strength to back them up. Precious offers her time and talents to invest in her community, to stay active, and to serve those around her. She will make such a loving mother.

Precious is very active and particularly enjoys biking, hiking, and hot yoga. She also volunteers at church and local non-profits; I can already picture her bringing our child along, and the emphasis on love and service that will then be a part of their everyday life.

Precious is an avid reader and looks forward to sharing this passion with our child by reading to them every night before sleep.

About Spenser

Spenser caught my eye over ten years ago tending to his young niece with care and kindness during a graduation celebration. Ten years later I’ve seen this same kindness and tenderness displayed daily in our relationship. Spenser is caring, kind, has a strong sense of justice, stands up for the weak, and fights for the voiceless. I know he will help our child to be strong and seek justice in our world through kindness and love.

Spenser is a Medical Physicist, who specializes in radiation for cancer treatments. He is incredibly smart and loves to learn through reading or watching a lecture about a topic that he finds interesting. Spenser is a great teacher and I know he’ll find joy in teaching a child about the mystery and wonderment of science. Spenser’s hobbies include gardening, running, and video games; all things we are excited to share with a child! Spenser also volunteers at our church in the choir and teaches high school Bible classes on Wednesday nights.

Our Family

Our two families are supportive, tight-knit, and diverse in background and experience. Some of our closest friends are our siblings. Spenser is the youngest of three, with three nephews and one niece. We see them all at least twice a year in Minnesota and New Mexico. Precious is the oldest of five, with three brothers and one sister, and three nephews. We also see them multiple times a year in Florida.

We’re so excited to share holiday traditions at the family cabin, situated on 150 acres of farmland with cows, horses, a river, and spring. Spenser’s family often congregates in New Mexico, and traditions always consist of good food and boisterous conversation.

We are blessed by our two families. They are both incredibly supportive and very excited about our adoption journey.

Our Home in the Midwest

We live in the heart of a diverse city in Nebraska surrounded by wonderful neighbors and community! Our 3 bedroom home was built in 1905. Spenser has been busy with his garden making it a visual oasis for people who walk by. Spenser recently donated a garden plot to the daycare next door, and the older children in the daycare along with their teacher help us care for the garden – this year they planted tomatoes and sunflowers.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful community of people. We love our home. We have a large backyard, a walking trail in the neighborhood, and a public playground. Our central location in the city gives us access to good schools, museums, and stellar healthcare.

Our favorite things are summer evenings on the porch and fellowship over warm, cozy meals during the winter.

Our promise to you...

We promise to provide your child with a home filled with love and two dedicated parents. They will also be loved by two supportive extended families and loved by a diverse local community.

We will love him or her unconditionally and raise them with the love and grace that Christ shows us daily. We promise to surround them with rich fellowship and lifelong connections through parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. We are already praying for you and your child daily- as are our extended families and so many friends.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Spenser & Precious

  Spenser Precious
Our EducationMasters of Radiological PhysicsMasters of Organizational Leadership
Our ProfessionsMedical PhysicistHuman Resources Director
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Spenser & Precious's Favorites
BooksChronicles of NarniaA tie between The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Place to visitMinnesota's North ShoreJoshua Tree, California
Favorite Ice Cream FlavorMint chocolate chipBlackberry
Nursery rhyme or children's bookThe Little PrinceNight of the Five Aunties by Mesa Somer
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Spenser is quite the gardener and cook. He specializes in homemade Mexican (thanks to his Texan roots) and Asian cuisines. When friends hear that Spenser is cooking, they get excited because it's always delicious. Spenser also enjoys running, podcasts, and video games.

Precious loves staying active with travelling, bike riding, hiking, and yoga. When feeling less active, she enjoys reading a good book or listening to podcasts on current events.

While our profile communicates our love of travel, we also really love being at home. At home we enjoy catching up with friends over dinner, hiking at our local forest, biking on the neighborhood trail, and occasionally going to the movies on a cold wintry evening.

Our Faith

We are grateful to be a part of a great Christian community close to our home. Spenser volunteers his time teaching high school students on Wednesday nights and Precious volunteers with the church's Fair Trade Market - a ministry that supports and honors artisans from all around the world. We are humbled by the support and love of our Church community.

Growing up

When discussing things we're excited about doing with a child, we can't help but reflect on our own childhoods. Our childhoods were very different, but also had strands of familiarity especially when it came to faith and family.

Spenser was born, and spent his early years, in Papua New Guinea. His parents were missionaries there and Spenser was the youngest of four children. At age three, Spenser moved with his family back to the States and eventually spent most of his childhood in Texas. Spenser played the tuba throughout school and spent most of his childhood playing with neighborhood kids, and travelling with his missionary parents during the summers.

Precious was born and raised in Florida with her four younger siblings. All of Precious' siblings remain close friends to this day. Precious' childhood memories are full of outdoor adventures, lots of pool time, beach trips, and travel with her family. Precious' parents are incredibly generous and hospitable and it was common to have multi generations in the house with grandparents, great grandparents, extended family and/or friends staying in the household - everyday was an adventure!

3 Things We Love About Where We Live

1. Access to great city parks and trails. We have several parks and a trail within walking distance from our home, plus a fantastic zoo and local forest just a few minutes away.

2. The best food! Our city is a melting pot of cultures and with that comes amazing food and experiences.

3. We live in a wonderful bustling city with all the perks of urban living - wonderful schools, great medical facilities, diverse communities, churches, community gardens, etc. But it also has the feel of a small town where many people know each other and the community feels close and tight-knit.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
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Newborn to 2 years old




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Sibling Group

Siblings groups up to the age of 2 years old

In Closing

Our desire to grow our family through open adoption started at the beginning of our relationship, over 8 years ago. We pray for you daily and the decision you are making for your child. There are so many things we’re excited to share with a child: the beauty of nature, family (lots of future cousins!), story time, singing, travel, and dinners as a family. We promise to welcome a child into a loving home, supported by faith in Jesus, family, and community. We also look forward to knowing you and respecting the level of openness you want in the future.

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