Benefits of Open Adoption

benefits of open adoption
Open adoption and closed adoption are two very different approaches to building a new family. While closed adoptions are the best choice in limited cases, open adoption should be considered. Open adoptions have shown to offer many benefits that are not experienced with those that are closed. Read on to learn more about the benefits of open adoption.

Benefits for Birth Parents

Psychological studies have shown that birth parents who choose open adoptions feel more emotionally and mentally healthy than those who choose closed adoptions. A birth mother who opts for open adoption is likely to have healthy self-esteem, especially regarding her decision-making abilities. The feelings of grief, which can be expected with adoptions, are lessened by open adoptions. Birth parents work through the loss of the child more quickly and easily than those who sever all contact.

Benefits for Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents who are personally chosen by the birth parents have a great sense of worth when it comes to parenting. They feel more strongly connected to their new family from the outset. They also have fewer concerns and fears than those who do not know their biological parents.

An additional benefit for adoptive parents is access to medical information. The ability to receive information regarding any medical disorders, learning disabilities, or other possible hereditary conditions can be invaluable to adoptive parents and their children.

Benefits for Adoptees

Children who can communicate with and about their biological parents are more secure with themselves than children who are products of closed adoptions. These children can gain answers to the most frequent questions posed by adoptees. Children regularly wonder why their birth parents surrendered parental rights. They may question the motivation for choosing adoption. Without a clear answer, they often internalize the question. Other questions, like those about genetics and family history, can also be answered when the adoption is open.

Benefits to All

Children who experience open adoptions have one set of parents. Their adoptive parents are the true mother and father. However, they may be able to have a relationship with one or both biological parents. In essence, they become part of the extended family. Living in an open adoption gives children access to their birth parents with no confusion. Rather than thinking of biological parents as “other parents,” as children of closed adoptions sometimes do, they grow to know their birth parents simply as people they are related to and who are in their lives.

Likewise, birth parents have the security of knowing their child is growing up in a loving home. Birth mothers and fathers do not have to wonder if the child they placed for adoption is happy, healthy and receiving all they deserve. An open adoption is a case in which everyone truly does benefit.