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benefits of open adoption

Benefits of Open Adoption

Open adoptions have shown to offer many benefits that are not experienced with those that are closed. Discover more about the benefits of open adoption! Read More…
history of open adoption

The History of Open Adoption

In the past, closed adoptions were the norm. In a closed adoption, the birth mother did not know where her child was placed and had no say in… Read More…
open adoption facts

Open Adoption Facts

Open adoptions have their own set of facts, concerns, myths and stereotypes that may not apply to closed adoptions. Read through these facts for a quick overview… Read More…
Open adoption research

Research on Open Adoption

Studies reveal that open adoptions almost always have a positive impact on children and their families. Though much more research needs… Read More…
openadoption and siblings

Open Adoption & Siblings

A child’s relationship with a birth mother is welcome to everyone involved in open adoption. The child can learn about the family history, traditions and culture. Read More…
history of open adoption

Adoption Myths Dispelled

By Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P.
Becoming educated about adoption will help you be equipped to separate adoption facts from fiction. Much of what people… Read More…
history of transracial adoption

History of Transracial Adoption

Transracial adoption is the process of placing a child of one race in a family of a different race. It can be controversial on all sides. Read More…
Open Adoption Contact Agreements are made between birth parents and adoptive families

Contact Agreement

A contact agreement, also known as an open adoption agreement, is a document that details the extent and type(s) of contact the biological parents will have with a child… Read More…

Adoption Stories and Poems

one woman's choice for open adoption

One Woman’s Choice

For three years I tried to raise my daughter myself. Her father left two weeks after he found out I was pregnant. Read More…
my open adoption story

My Open Adoption Story

My name is Laura and I wanted to share with you our positive experience with open adoption. Before I begin… Read More…
an open adoption miracle

An Open Adoption Miracle

By Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P.
Out of tragedy, a beautiful family is created…. Read More…
legacy of an adopted child

Legacy of an Adopted Child

A poem celebrating both birth mother and adoptive mother in the life…. Read More…
The author and her twin sister when they were children

When I Adopted Them

To fully appreciate the benefits of open adoption, we must be aware of the pitfalls of the options that preceded it. Hear from one adoptee who was the product of a closed adoption.