Open Adoption Today

open adoption today
When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, many people think of adoption as it was forty years ago, when a woman didn’t have the choices in adoption that she has today. So much has changed for the better. Now, through open or independent adoption, birth parents, children, and adoptive families can come to know each other and make decisions that are best not only for the baby, but for everyone involved in the decision.

Your child will always know you, the birth mother, wanted the best for them and loved them very much and selected the best family to lovingly parent, nurture, and guide them through a happy and safe life. You have an opportunity to know, meet and develop a relationship with your child’s adoptive parents before the baby is born. If your child has already been born, you will see how you and the prospective family respond to one another.

The Choices are Yours

Did you know that at the hospital you can receive, if you would like, a copy of your baby’s birth certificate that includes footprints, the baby’s wrist band, a lock of hair, and photos of you and your baby? In addition, you can hold and feed your baby, and some birth parents even choose to name their baby. Some of our birth parents decide it would be easier not to see the baby right away, and others want to. The choice is yours. Please feel free to visit Lifetime Adoption’s peer support page if you would like to speak to a birth mother who has chosen adoption for her child. Please call or text us at 1-800-923-6784 for more information.

Adoption has Changed in the Last 40 Years

Open adoption is now allowing birth families to make the choice to have ongoing contact with adoptive families. Not all birth parents are interested in ongoing contact and should not feel badly if their choice is to not continue contact. Many birth parents have told us that they really want the child to know they were loved enough to want the very best for their child, that’s why they choose the adoptive parents. When birth parents are able to speak to and meet the adoptive family that will adopt their child, they are able to determine if the family has the qualities that are important to them.

We encourage birth parents to look beyond the physical appearance and read through the profiles for the lifestyle and values that the child will be raised with. In doing these few things, they will have a greater peace about their choice, allowing them to go on with their life and feel they have made the right decision.

Often we receive questions about the screening process of the families. We are seeking quality families that we feel we can help adopt, and are ready for the dedication and commitment to adoption. Families need to be able to pass a home study that consists of an FBI background check, financial verification, medical exam, home inspection and a clear child abuse report. This can give you peace of mind. We are here to help with your decision and future.

We offer a number of additional services to birth parents. We can provide a referral to a non-profit foundation that provides educational scholarships to women that have gone through an adoption plan any time after 1990. Call Lifetime Foundation, a non profit 501(c)(3) charity for more information, 530-271-1756. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption we can help you find out more about housing, counseling, and free maternity clothing.