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A Letter from Adam & Kristi

Hello! We are a fun, easy going family of three hoping to grow through adoption. We’ve been through challenges having a child biologically, and adoption is an answer to prayer. We’re honored that you would consider us as parents of your child and would love to get to know you and share an ongoing relationship if you are comfortable.

About Us

We met in the college choir after connecting over our mutual love of music. We’ve been married now for ten years. After seven years of infertility treatments, we had our son, Charlie. Adoption has been on our hearts for a long time and we’re ready and excited to adopt our next child!

Christmas is our ABSOLUTE favorite! We are the first in the neighborhood to put our decorations up (and last to take them down).

Home-baked treats, looking at neighborhood lights, candlelight worship, and multiple gatherings with family and friends are traditions we look forward to each year. Our faith is the center of our lives and something we will pass down to our children. We are very involved at our church and volunteering in our community. We want our children to learn to serve others and give back too, and we can’t wait to volunteer together as a family.

Adam, through Kristi's Eyes

Adam is a reliable family man and spiritual leader. He loves technology and is a big nerd who enjoys tinkering with computers and gadgets, golfing watching football and playing D&D with friends. He is a creative problem solver and is excited to build Lego creations, and teach our children circuitry and computer programing.

Adam plays guitar and uses his gift of music at home and in the church praise band. He is also an exceptional cook and is always trying new recipes that we enjoy as a family. He can’t wait to teach our children to cook too.

Kristi, through Adam's Eyes

Kristi is a wonderful wife and mother who selflessly gives of herself to love, nurture and care for our family. Her creativity keeps life exciting with continual house and pinterest projects as well as unique made-up songs, “toy parades”, and stuffed animal birthday parties. Her generous spirit is demonstrated in sewing masks for frontline workers, playing piano for church, and mentoring youth in her spare time.

Kristi’s patience and tender-hearted personality have overflowed into motherhood and that love will only expand as she becomes a mom of two.

Our Home and Community in Minnesota

We live in a four-bedroom rambler that was purchased with our growing family in mind. Our upstairs living room has extra soft carpet that makes it great for playing with toys on the floor or giving “horsey rides”. Downstairs we have a spacious family room where we relax with the occasional Netflix movie or build forts from the couch cushions. Our corner lot home has a large shaded backyard with a patio and fire pit where we enjoy grilling, s’mores, and bonfires year round.

The nursery is right across the hall from our bedroom and ready for our next child.

Our Son Charlie & Extended Family

Our son Charlie is almost four and excited to be a big brother. Charlie enjoys music, being outside and anything with wheels. Both sets of grandparents live within 3 hours of us. Kristi’s parents watch Charlie in our home twice a week.

We enjoy frequent visits to Kristi’s childhood farm where we enjoy tractor rides, fresh picked sweet corn, and trips with grandpa to the tractor part store.

Adam’s mom loves to bake and the grandkids enjoy helping her make yummy treats. We also have three very involved aunties who love “auntie days.” Our families are supportive and excited about our plans to adopt!

Our Promise

We promise to provide a stable home, filled with unconditional love. We will encourage your child to grow and pursue his or her dreams while finding God’s plan and purpose for their life. If you invite us to walk this road with you, we will do so with openness, sensitivity, and respect.

We desire an ongoing realtionship with you and discussing what that looks like as we get to know one another.

We would love to hear from you! To contact us, through Lifetime by call or text at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Adam & Kristi

  Adam Kristi
Our EducationBachelor of Arts in Christian WorldviewMasters in Family Science
Our ProfessionsOwner of Digital Marketing CompanyCollege administrator
Stay-At-HomeWork from homeNo
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Adam & Kristi's Favorites
Favorite thing about ChristmasLightsPutting up the Christmas Tree
Favorite Vacation DestinationAnywhere warmAlaska
Favorite TV ShowPsychFriends
Favorite FoodMedium-rare Ribeye SteakAvocado
Ice Cream FlavorMint Chocolate ChipCookie Dough
Weekend VibeGaming and food with friendsLocal adventure to pool, park or river
HobbiesComputers and GuitarPhotography, Sewing, and Pinterest projects
More About Our Family
Fun Facts:

• When growing up, Kristi always dreamed of becoming a whale trainer at Sea World.
• Adam doesn't like to drink coffee, but he does like the smell (and even enjoys working in coffee shops!)
• Sometimes we bake cookies just so we can eat some of the dough.

Things We Want to Teach Our Children:

• Adam wants to teach our children how to play board games as a family.
• Kristi wants to teach them how to catch fireflies and identify constellations and stars.

Our Musical Interests:

We both enjoy music, and it is a large part of our life. Kristi plays the flute, piccolo, piano, guitar, and sings. Adam plays guitar and sings.

What We Love Most About Where We Live:

We love that we live in a small "river town" as it brings so many unique opportunities like fishing, swimming, and boating in the summer and ice sculptures, snowshoeing, and fat biking (its a real thing!) in the winter. Giant barge boats pass through the lock and dam a few times a week and it has become a family tradition for us to sit on the bank to watch the barge pass by while we eat ice cream from the local ice cream parlor.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months





Sibling Group

Yes! With the oldest up to 3 years old.

In Closing

We promise to love your child unconditionally and never take for granted the calling of being parents. We will raise your child in a stable home and teach them to know how much Jesus loves them. We will support their hopes and dreams as well as see them through higher education and beyond.

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