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A Letter from Byron & Abbey

Hello! We hope you enjoy learning about our story and looking through our pictures. Whether it’s traveling to the Washington or Oregon coast, to the mountains in Leavenworth, or to visit family in St Louis, we like to have fun and adventure together while creating new memories. We can’t wait to share this and all our love with our child! We are open to letters, updates, pictures, and occasional visits at your comfort level. Each day we pray for you, that your mind and heart be at peace as you make your adoption plan. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you, and hope to be a part of the journey you choose for your precious baby.

About Us

We met online in 2014 on Valentine’s Day, and married October of 2016. Through the years we have grown closer and more in love each day; we are truly best friends and couldn’t imagine our lives without each other. Together we enjoy traveling, game nights with our friends, and serving in our church. Byron leads the security team, where all the kids can’t wait to check-in to kids’ ministry so they can give Mr. Byron a high five! Abbey leads the café ministry where she gets to share her love of coffee and hospitality by making yummy drinks and chatting with the congregation while ringing up orders.

We have both known since a young age that we were meant to be parents. After we got married, we wanted to start a family right away, but our plan to become parents wasn’t God’s plan at that time. Adoption has always been on our hearts, especially Abbey’s after seeing what adoption looks like when her aunt adopted her cousin at the age of 4, and we are so thankful we were led to Lifetime to start this next part of our journey to becoming parents.

Meet Byron

Abbey says: Byron is one of the most loving and patient men I have ever known. He is amazing with kids, and they all love him! He is kind-hearted, gentle, and fun to be around. He works as a Safe Quality Foods Practitioner for a local bakery and loves what he does. He lives life with a “family first” mentality and would drop anything if someone needed him. Byron is the fun Uncle who likes to let you chase him around the house, get down on the floor and play Legos, sit on the couch and lose in Mario Kart, and just has a good time with our nieces and nephews. I love watching him with each of them, knowing that one day he will take all that love and so much more and be the best dad to our child. Byron is looking forward to sharing his love of traveling to the coast for family vacations with our child.

Byron Enjoys:
-BBQing and Smoking Meat on the Pit Boss
-Playing at the dog park with our dogs
-Sports-especially Football

Meet Abbey

Byron says: Abbey is the most caring and generous person that I know. She is quick to give whatever she has to help someone out. She enjoys spending time with all of our friends’ kids and even takes them all on special birthday outings. Nothing fills her heart like when one of our friends’ kids falls asleep in her arms. She is a Program Manager for an insurance company in a remote capacity, while also coaching cheerleading for a local Christian private school. Abbey is looking forward to teaching our child how to bake, especially Christmas cookies! I can’t wait to see all of the love and knowledge that she will pour into our family as it grows.

Abbey Enjoys:
-Crafting and Baking
-Coaching Cheer
-Sports-especially Baseball

Our Family

Byron is originally from St Louis, Missouri where he grew up with one brother and lots of cousins. We travel several times a year to visit his family and have a weekly zoom call where we are able to visit, catch each other up on life events, and spend time together in an attempt to make the many miles seem closer together. Byron’s family is so excited for us to add to our family through adoption and to be able to love our child.

Abbey grew up in Washington and has 3 brothers and 2 sisters! We are very close with our family here and see them often. This past year we started a baseball stadium tour with them where we are visiting all the stadiums in the US. Abbey’s family is not new to adoption as her aunt adopted her cousin at the age of 4. Just like they were then, they are so excited to welcome a new baby into the family to love.

Our families share many traditions, including big Thanksgiving dinners in St Louis where we play games and share lots of laughter. At Christmas time we love to bake cookies to share with family and friends and decorate the house into a Christmas wonderland! We look forward to sharing these traditions with our child.

Our Home in Washington

Three years ago, we bought our dream home! We knew from the moment we walked in that it was where we would raise our family. It is across the street from one of the 3 neighborhood parks, has a large backyard, and is walking distance to the local elementary school. The neighborhood is full of kids and is a great place to raise a child. Our home has 5 bedrooms with room for a cozy nursery and big playroom! Our favorite thing about our home, and one of the main reasons we bought it, is the open concept on the main floor. We are able to have a 9-foot dining room table where we can host dinners and game nights with our family and friends.

The number one thing we love about where we live is that it is so close to so many things to do. We live about 2 hours from the ocean, 1 hour from the mountains and lakes, and about 20 minutes from our local state fair. We love having so many options close by to adventure and always be creating new memories.

Our Promise

We promise that as your child grows, they will never doubt how loved they are by God and by us. We promise to provide a home that allows them to grow, learn, explore, create, and imagine. We promise to provide them with the education, nurturing environment, and support to be all that God has created them to be.

God brought us on this path to adoption and we promise to honor Him and you by ensuring that your child knows his/her adoption story and how grateful we are that He connected us to you. We are open to updates with letters, photos, and occasional visits. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you. We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Byron & Abbey

  Byron Abbey
Our EducationBachelors in Science ChemistryMasters in Business Healthcare Administration
Our ProfessionsSafe Quality Foods PractitionerSenior Program Manager
Stay-At-HomeNoNo, but I work from home full time!
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican AmericanCaucasian
Some of Byron & Abbey's Favorites
TV ShowSuper NaturalFriends
Vacation SpotBend, ORDisneyland
SeasonFall-Football season! Fall-Cozy weather and changing of the leaves!
MovieThe MatrixTop Gun
More About Our Family
Our Pets

We have 3 dogs that are a big part of our life. Spartacus is our 8-year-old German Shepherd/Retriever mix. From puppy stage, he has always loved kids and will stop walking when we would go past the park so that he can interact with the kids on the playground. Brutus is our 5-year-old Husky/Australian Shepherd mix. He is in heaven whenever our nieces and nephews come over because he loves to snuggle! Our youngest pup, Achilles, is our 1-year-old Rottweiler/Belgium Malinois mix. He is full of energy and so sweet. We are excited for our child to grow up in a home with these loving boys, and for them to be their best friends.

Our Faith

We are Christians and actively involved in our church. Byron leads our security team and Abbey leads the café team. We both also serve as deacons at our campus where we have the honor of praying and ministering to our community. We believe in a relationship with Jesus and strive to grow closer to Him daily by reading his Word and seeking after Him. We plan on raising our child with a faith-filled foundation where they will know each day how much God loves them.

Our Plans for Childcare

We are so fortunate that both of Abbey’s sets of parents live so close and are ready to help in any way they can with childcare. Early this year, God blessed our family with the ability for Abbey to work from home full-time and we plan on hiring an in-home nanny a couple days a week so our child can be home, and Abbey can be a part of the daily care. Byron was also blessed this year with a new position allowing him to work 4 10-hour shifts and be off on Fridays, allowing him to be home with our family on those days.

Our Values

-Faith: We are Christians and believe that a personal relationship with God is important.
-Family: Family is the most precious thing to us, and we live with a "family first" mentality.
-Health: We believe living a healthy life is more than just physical. While we take care of our physical bodies by eating healthy and working out, we also take the time to center ourselves with God, so that we are healthy mentally and spiritually as well.
-Education: Education is important to us; we both have college degrees, and it will be a priority for our child as well.
-Community: Living life with like-minded people is what God intended for us. We have an amazing community of friends who have become family, and we enjoy doing life together.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years old





Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up to 2 years old

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family and considering us to be your child’s parents. We are ready to welcome your child into our family and love them with everything we have. Your child will grow up knowing the love of Christ and how He led them to us through that love. We are open to discussing the amount of future contact that you are hoping for! If you have any questions or would like to talk, just ask Lifetime about us!

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