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A Letter from Clyde & Evette


We are so elated to even have the opportunity to introduce ourselves.  Our village calls us down to earth, funny and extremely loyal.   We have worked very hard during our seven years of marriage to create a healthy and whole family of just us, however our deepest desire is to grow our family. We both come from big families, so we love grilling outside and having everyone over for a meal. We also love to ride our bikes at the beach and we are practically professional foodies!  We try all the new spots in our city!     

About Us

After six years of unsuccessfully trying to grow our family biologically, we decided to seek God on how He wanted us to become parents. We read and researched everything about adoption but immediately became hopeful and welcoming to this path in front of us. We are surrounded by children and  our nieces, nephews and god-children are always visiting or using facetime to connect with us. We love creating movie nights for them, Clyde bakes a cake or cookies with them often, we believe they come so often because of this!  Together, we enjoy the holidays and birthdays most.  It’s a big deal in our home. We celebrate every year, cake and music is a must! 


About Him

Clyde works as a Field Service Manager for a cleantech company.  Twenty people in eleven states report directly to him and he is a beloved supervisor.  As manager, he takes care of payroll and day to day responsibilities that impact the technicians as they work.  Clyde is always so proud of the team he leads, being a trusted resource for them, advocating for them and always ensuring they are treated well is what he enjoys most about his work. Outside of his career, he is a high school football coach. More than the game, Clyde loves mentoring and guiding his players through life.    When Clyde is asked what he is most excited to share with a child of his own, he says, “How to navigate life with a sense of self, how to not allow your current circumstance define you, lastly, how to build the life you truly want and love”.

About Her

I serve as the Chief Workforce Officer for an environmental company.  I am responsible for creating jobs, recruiting, training and hiring.  Evette is known in her industry for her emphasis on creating an equitable workforce.  In her pastime, Evette is a scrapbooker, documenting special times and events is her favorite thing.  At church, I’ve led the women’s ministry which included planning weekly events, Bible studies and a huge annual conference. 

Our Family

Both of us have big families. We grew up knowing that family was never bound by just blood as we had blended, adopted, foster, interracial and bonded members of our families.  Clyde has sisters locally, here in the same city and siblings that live out of state.  As a very close-knit family, they travel often to see each other and be together.  Evette has a sister that lives within an hour and a brother only three hours away.  We take turns driving to one another’s home to bar-b-q and celebrate birthdays! Our entire tribe is thrilled to welcome a new member to the family.  Our Christmas Eve pajamas are a tradition all the kiddos love and can’t wait to share with this little one! 

Our Home

We are residents of sunny California. We live in a two bedroom home with a huge living and dining area.  Our second bedroom is being converted from an office to our nursery.  While we don’t have any pets and our backyard is gated and makes for the perfect size play area.  We love art and collect pieces by Black artists to ensure that our home represents us culturally. We live in a very family-oriented neighborhood. Lots of children everywhere and our city’s best schools are walking distance (two blocks) from our home. We have two museums, a new library, diverse eateries and our local church all in a five-mile radius. Going out to dinner is as easy as walking to the corner. What we love most about where we live is the diversity of families that reside here. 

Our Promise

We promise to love this child with everything in us. We promise to always share you as the brave and vital person that chose us to journey with you to raise this beautiful human.  We promise to pour confidence, security and compassion into your baby.  We promise to walk this path with you and your baby with so much love, grace and dignity. We promise to be parents who defend, protect and will always cover this child in prayer.

Learn More About Clyde & Evette

  Clyde Evette
Our EducationCollegeCollege
Our ProfessionsField Supervisor ManagerChief Workforce Officer
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican American African American
Some of Clyde & Evette's Favorites
Favorite Movie CastawayLove Jones
Favorite Cuisine Italian Seafood
Favorite childhood memoryFamily travel from Louisiana to California 6th grade summer camp
Favorite Dessert CookiesCookies and Cream Shake
Favorite City New York New Orleans
Favorite Snack Chocolate coverd nuts Chips and Dip
Favorite Holiday Christmas4th of July
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Clyde loves sports, he is a true fan of competitive sports. Football is his absolute favorite! Clyde also loves mentoring youth. He coaches high school football and is specially good at coaching the offense line! Clyde has lead adult softball and played on community football and softball teams. You can find Clyde at professional and college games for his favorite teams. Clyde admires the life lessons sports can teach, he often uses sports as examples when mentoring the students he coaches.

Our Faith

We are Christian and believe God is our guiding light. We are involved in our local church. We've led the marriage ministry in the past, Evette has also led the women's ministry. Clyde regularly participates in the men's group activities.

Our Musical Interest

Evette loves old school R&B and Gospel music and tends to play music from her childhood. Clyde is much more eclectic. He often surprises Evette with random songs he knows. You may hear jazz, rock, hip-hop or reggae when in his car!

About Our Home

Our home is warm and welcoming. Our home that has lots of space to play and explore, most children, when visiting us, love our long hallway. Our favorite room is the dining area. We share meals here, exchange daily happenings and it also serves as our game room on game night!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
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Newborn - 3 Months


Newborn - 3 Months


Girl or Boy

Sibling Group

Yes, we are open, especially if one is a newborn.

In Closing

We look forward to sharing our traditions of matching pajamas for Christmas Eve, attending the local boat show to watch fireworks on the 4th of July and on the fourth family, exploring the world through travel and even things as simple as enjoying rainy days inside and hot sunny days at the pool. While can't wait to watch this baby try new adventures, hobbies, and talents, we are more excited to teach them how to navigate the world and be a great human being. We are so excited to cheer them on every step of the way.

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