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A Letter from Colby & BreAnn

Hi! We are thrilled to become first time parents through adoption!  We love spending time with our family and friends, most often with a meal! We enjoy staying active, whether that is outdoors, fishing and kayaking, or using our creativity while cooking and crafting. We hope to hear from you!

About Us

We met while working at a restaurant together in college and built a friendship before we started dating.  We have been married for 8 years and are so excited for this next adventure in parenting! We are choosing adoption because we have a strong desire to be parents and have a family. We have lots of love we want to share, and a big group of family and friends that are excited to support us as we become parents!

Things we enjoy as a couple:

  • movie nights
  • our dog Ringo
  • board game nights with friends
  • music-we always have music playing in our home
  • cooking
  • attending church
  • family time

About BreAnn

BreAnn says: I teach 5th grade English and Social Studies and I love my job! I am very involved at school. I am on a few committees and also lead our school wide “Care Closet” that helps provide students with clothing and food options. My mom teaches at the same school, and we often get to “carpool” which is very special! I also love being at home! Our home is my favorite place. When I am home, I always have my hands busy. I love to craft and be creative. I make jewelry and fun earrings. I also love to cook, and I TRY to bake. I am excited about sharing all of the little things with our child!  I look forward to simple things like meals, quality family time, family traditions, and new experiences. I am excited to watch them grow through life and learn who they are and get to share that with them.

According to Colby:  BreAnn is a caring and hardworking person.  She notices what people need and jumps to it. She has a fun and outgoing personality that people gravitate towards. She is incredibly organized and is the planner on all trips and get togethers! I know she will be the kind of mom who gives our child her all and will put them first. She will do all that she can to set our child up for success in whatever they decide to do. She is incredibly giving and loving to her family and friends, and I can’t wait to watch her become a mom.

BreAnn also enjoys:

  • reading-mostly fiction
  • movies/tv shows
  • working with my students
  • gardening-we have a vegetable garden
  • shopping-I go on an annual shopping trip to Canton Texas with my girlfriends

About Colby

Colby says: I am a chef and work at a large country club. I have always been in the restaurant business and love making people happy through food! I am also in a band; I play the drums. I was in band in high school and have played drums in a few different bands since then. Music and food are two of my greatest passions and I am thankful I get to continue both of them! When I am at home I like to relax outside. I fish on our pond with friends, and I enjoy going kayaking on a few streams not far from our house. I look forward to spending time with our child outdoors and helping build a love of nature.  I am excited to support them in their interests and help with figuring out what they are passionate about.

According to BreAnn: Colby is kind to everyone and never meets a stranger. He can talk to anyone and make them feel understood and valued. Colby is always willing to help someone and is happy to do it! He is funny and fills our home with laughter and jokes. I appreciate his work ethic, his creativity, and his compassion for others. He will be the type of dad that is always involved and ready to play.  I am excited to watch him become a dad and share his infectious energy with our child!

Colby also likes:

  • movies and tv shows
  • video games
  • being outside with Ringo (our dog)
  • getting together with friends and family

Our Family

We come from large families that are very involved in our lives. They all live close to us (within an hour) and provide us with a huge support system and lots of love! We are together a lot and have back porch visits often. BreAnn’s parents live “2 pastures” away so we see them almost daily. They have been married for 48 years and provide an inspiring picture of marriage for us! Colby has 3 siblings and BreAnn has 1, and together we have 6 nieces and nephews. We also have lots of cousins who have children, so there will be plenty of kiddos to play with at any family function! Our favorite time with family is during the holidays. We have many holiday traditions. We get to see EVERYONE and eat lots of good food!

We have wonderful friends who we consider family as well. Colby’s bandmates are very close to our family and BreAnn has sorority sisters from college and coworkers who have become family as well. Many of our parties/get togethers involve both our friends and our family so they are all really close!

Our family and friends are SO excited for us and have supported us through this adoption process; they cannot wait to smother our child with love!


Our Louisiana Home

We love our 4-bedroom home in rural North Louisiana. We live on 10 acres; pastures separate the few neighbors we have. We have lived in our home for 4 years and have redone many of the spaces to fit our likes and needs. We have begun setting up the nursery with furniture and paint and are excited to finish decorating once we know more about the child we will adopt!

Although we live in the country, we have a grocery store about 10 minutes away, we both work 30 minutes away, and we are about 40 minutes from a college town that has many opportunities for children and for fun experiences!

Things we love about our home:

  • private, quiet, and safe
  • close to a neighborhood park
  • close to family
  • beautiful property-we love sitting out back and just admiring the scenery!

Our Vow

We are honored that you would consider us in your adoption plan. We hope our profile gave you insight into who we are as a family and how much this child would be loved and supported!

We will love them and accept them for who they are. We will teach them and help them grow to be the person they are meant to be.

We will guide with kindness and teach them to treat others with respect and love.  We promise to nurture their interests so they can find their passions and put a value on learning.

We will surround this child with a loving family, friend group, and church family that will help navigate them throughout their life.

We will speak of you with the highest praise, and we will honor an open adoption if you want a relationship with us. We will send photo updates, have phone call visits or in-person visits, whatever it is that you are comfortable with.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Colby & BreAnn

  Colby BreAnn
Our EducationHigh School DiplomaBachelor's Degree-Elementary Education and Special Education
Our ProfessionsChef Elementary teacher (5th grade)
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Colby & BreAnn's Favorites
Pasta DishMac and CheeseCajun Chicken Pasta
Movie SnackGummy WormsPopcorn and Raisinets
BookGoosebumpsThe Velveteen Rabbit
SongOne Headlight-The WallflowersHere Comes the Sun-The Beatles
90s BandNirvanaBackstreet Boys
Movie/TV ShowThe Princess Bride and Dragon Ball ZHarry Potter and New Girl
More About Our Family
Family Traditions

We love traditions and creating special memories. For our anniversary in October, we always carve pumpkins together and use them as decorations on our porch for Halloween. We are also BIG on birthdays and celebrating each other's new year. BreAnn's mom always makes each person's favorite foods on their special day, and we have a dinner together. Christmas time is also very important to our family. We have many family moments shared during the holiday season. Other traditions that aren't holiday based include going to Louisiana Tech baseball games, an end of the school year party (BreAnn and her mom are teachers), and having a family summer garden.

The thing I admire most in my spouse is...

Colby-I admire BreAnn's leadership skills and ability to get everyone involved on a project or idea. She pushes herself to be the best she can be, which inspires those around her to do the same. Everything she does she puts 100% into, especially if it is serving others.

BreAnn-I admire Colby's kindness and how he is able to make everyone he comes in contact with feel seen and heard. When people speak to him, he really listens to them. He is definitely a social butterfly and will talk to every single person at whatever event we are at.

Plans for childcare

We both work outside of the home, so we plan on placing our child in daycare part-time and BreAnn's mom will keep them the other half. We both work regular hour jobs which allows us a steady routine. Colby is off 2 days a week and BreAnn is off on the weekends, so outside childcare won't be necessary on those days. BreAnn is a school teacher and enjoys having holidays and summers off; she looks forward to being able to have the same schedule once our child is in school.

Plans for our child's education

We value the importance of knowledge and education. We want to provide all of the opportunities possible for our child to be successful in all aspects of life. Our child will go to the same school BreAnn teaches at. Planning for secondary education, we will have a future education fund that will be available once they graduate high school. We want them to be able to pursue whatever dream they can dream up!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 4 years old




No preference

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 2 siblings with the oldest up to 4 years old

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us through our profile. We hope it gave you insight into who we are as a family and how much we will love and support your child. We promise that your baby will be loved unconditionally and will always know their story and how loved they are. We promise that your baby will grow up in a loving and committed home with two parents who will love and adore them. We commit to openness and a forever relationship with you, if that is what you desire. We will always speak of you with honor, and we will never forget or diminish the incredible sacrifice you have made to provide for your child.

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