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A Letter from Curt & Molly

Hi from Oregon! We love road tripping and visiting national parks. We’re excited to get to know you and learn what you want for your child. We’re open to meeting you, and having extended and on-going contact as your child grows up.

About Us

We’ve been together for 10 years, and married after 6 years together. We have 2 adorable schnoodles that we love to spoil.

We love the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and have a goal to see them play at every major baseball stadium. We also love to travel and go on road trips. We recently visited Yellowstone National Park and are already looking forward to planning our next trip.

We’re fortunate to have a vacation house on the beautiful Oregon coast, and try to spend at least one weekend a month there. We love chasing our dogs on the beach and visiting the local aquarium and petting zoo. We look forward to taking our child to our beach house and building sandcastles with them. We’re also excited to road trip around the U.S. and travel around the world with our child, exposing them to all the amazing cultures and history the world offers.

About Molly (by Curt)

Molly is an attorney with a large international law firm.

The things I love about Molly are:

  • Her kindness
  • Her big heart
  • Her unlimited ability to forgive
  • Her cooking!
  • Molly’s hobbies:

  • Crafting – she loves creating things, sewing, and making cards
  • Traveling – Istanbul and Australia are two of her favorite places
  • Cooking and baking
  • Molly is excited to cook and bake with our child and create fun art projects.

    About Curt (by Molly)

    Curt is a cyber threat defense engineer, working to make the internet a safer place.

    The things I love about Curt:

  • He has a never-ending amount of patience!
  • He can engineer just about anything
  • His kindness and willingness to help anyone in need
  • Curt’s hobbies:

  • Working on projects around the house
  • Kayaking
  • Fly fishing
  • Curt is excited to teach our child to fish and all about computers.

    Our Family

    We’re fortunate that our family is very close – we even live in the same neighborhood! Our family consists of Curt’s parents, Curt’s sister, her husband, and their 3 children, and Molly’s mom. Molly’s mom has been adopted as a second grandma to Curt’s niece and nephews.

    We love celebrating holidays, birthdays, and events together. Our niece and nephews are very active in sports, and weekends are spent cheering them on as a family. We can’t wait for our family to cheer on our child too!

    Our family is very excited for us to adopt. Curt’s father is especially excited to teach our child about baseball and Molly’s mom is excited to teach our child how to make her famous peanut butter pie.

    Our Home

    We live in a quiet suburb of Portland, Oregon. Our home is 3,200 sq. ft., has 5 bedrooms, and is located across from the neighborhood park. We have a large, fenced yard and a beautiful wrap-around porch that we love to decorate for the holidays. Curt built a beautiful multi-tiered waterfall in our yard, and we love sitting on the porch in the evenings listing to the water flow.

    Our nursery is set up and ready for our child. It has two cribs, dressers, baby swings, baby bouncers, and more!

    Our Promise

    We promise to love your child unconditionally and to give them a place to grow and flourish. We promise to provide them with the freedom and security to explore new things and reach their full potential. We promise that your child will know their story and know you. We will value you and your place in your child’s heart.

    We would love to get to know you, answer your questions, and share more about ourselves.

    If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

    Learn More About Curt & Molly

      Curt Molly
    Our EducationBachelors of Science, Business and MarketingLaw Degree - Juris Doctor; Bachelors of Science, Social Sciences
    Our ProfessionsCyber Threat Defense EngineerAttorney
    Stay-At-HomeNo, but works from homeNo, but works from home
    Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian and Cherokee Indian
    Some of Curt & Molly's Favorites
    CookiePeanut Butter Chocolate ChipSugar Cookie with Cream Cheese Frosting
    Vacation SpotBitter Root Valley, MontanaAnywhere in Europe
    DonutApple FrittersMaple Bar
    MovieFast and FuriousPride and Prejudice
    More About Our Family
    Holidays and Traditions

    We love the holidays - especially decorating for them! We go all out for Halloween, turning our house into a skeleton pirate wonderland. Halloween night we set up the fog machine, spooky lights, and have projectors going in our windows. Our house has become *the* house to visit on Halloween. Our niece and nephews love helping us decorate and every year we create new props together for the house.

    At Christmas we fill our wrap-around porch with Christmas trees, hang garland on all the railings, and string Christmas lights around the porch. Christmas is full of baking cookies, making fresh cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, and celebrating with a big family dinner.

    We’re so excited to include your child in our family holiday traditions.

    Plans for childcare

    Molly plans to take at least 6 months off work when our child arrives, and Curt plans to take the first 3 months off. We work from home and have lots of flexibility with our jobs. Once Molly returns to work full time, our parents are excited to provide childcare for us.

    Plan's for our child's education

    Education is very important to us. We plan to enroll our child in a private Christian-based school for elementary and middle school. For high school, we plan to enroll our child in one of the best private Christian-based college preparatory schools in the state, located about 15 minutes from our house.

    We plan to provide our child with many extracurricular activities, so they can explore what makes them happy and thrive. Anything from sports, to dance, to music, to art, and more.

    Why we are adopting

    We’ve had multiple miscarriages and experienced infertility, but remain committed in our desire to create a family together. We hope adoption will give us the gift of having a family together.

    We Prefer a Child Who Is...
    Age of Child

    Newborn to 2 years old


    Yes! Molly is a twin herself!



    Sibling Group

    Yes, with the oldest up to 2 years old.

    In Closing

    We promise to love your child unconditionally and welcome them into our loving family. Your child will have access to some of the highest-rated schools in Oregon, extracurricular activities, and our support to pursue their passions to their fullest potential. We are open to visits and providing updates, including videos, pictures, cards, and letters - whatever you are comfortable with.

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