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A Letter from Daniel & Dana

Hi! We are a family of three who loves Jesus, enjoy traveling, swimming, having cookouts, building sandcastles, and chasing down the snow cone truck as it makes its way through our neighborhood.

We are honored that you have considered us as a family for your precious child. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption again. Our hearts are open to adopt a girl or boy of any race and we promise to surround them with an abundance of love.  We are happy to have visits, phone calls, and share letters, photos/videos, or whatever you are comfortable with.

About Us

After nearly 18 years of marriage, we have come to love, trust, and cherish one another in a very special way, but the real gem at the center of our family is the relationship we have with Jesus Christ. As the youth directors at our church, we stay young at heart while providing a positive influence in the life of every child we meet.

Whether at home or on a trip, we love to play together, pray together, and work through life’s struggles together. We knew very early in our marriage that adoption would be a part of our family. We began taking adoption classes in 2014, and later that year Dana had to have an unexpected hysterotomy. That same year we were blessed to adopt our son, Luca, who was almost 3 years old at the time. As a family, we love water parks, zoos, mountain cabins, and vacationing in Florida. When we are at home, we like to watch movies and play games like UNO, Monopoly, or Super Mario.

We look forward to growing our family once more and are excited for all the new memories and moments we will share with your baby- from finding out their favorite color to seeing their expression the first time they meet Mickey Mouse.

Meet Daniel (By Dana)

Daniel is kind, loving, hard-working, and honest. He has a huge heart for others and loves to get his hands dirty working on his truck, excavator, or other equipment. He was a Machinist and Mechanic before he went back to school to become a Mechanical Engineer so he can fix almost anything! Any time there is a group of kids laughing or having fun, you can usually find him at the center of it all. Daniel is gentle and wise, and he always knows how to calm down a difficult situation. He likes to share his enthusiasm with others, loves doing outdoor things like fishing or riding ATVs, and enjoys making homemade jerky. He is a very engaged father who loves trampoline parks, walking in the woods, playing games, or working on projects with Luca. He is excited to teach your baby how to walk, swim, throw a ball and ride a bike; and when they are ready, maybe even build a robot or a treehouse and/or dollhouse.

Meet Dana (By Daniel)

Dana is a bright, compassionate, determined, fun-loving woman with a heart of gold. She homeschools, keeps a clean and beautifully decorated home, and takes wonderful care of Luca and me each and every day. Most of all Dana loves to laugh and her laughter is contagious. She’s always had a new recipe to try and makes the best spaghetti sauce! Dana absolutely loves to plan family trips, bake, and learn about wild animals. She enjoys hosting family gatherings, drawing, building Legos with Luca, and decorating. She is an amazing mom and, when not doing school with Luca, Dana likes to do crafts and play video games with him. I often notice the soft smile and hopeful look on her face when she sees another mommy with a baby. I know that her huge heart has plenty of room to love and cuddle and care for your precious child. She is fully devoted to being a stay at home mom and making sure that your baby has beautiful childhood memories.

Our Son and Family

Luca is a confident little guy who always smiles and enjoys being silly. He loves making new friends, laughing, and all things ninja! He also just earned his black belt in Karate. Luca’s excited to share with his little sibling everything he knows and looks forward to teaching them how to dance, make silly faces, do karate chops, and sing his favorite songs. He is excited to read to them, make them laugh, and is thrilled to become a big brother!

Much of Daniel’s family lives out of state, but we all keep in touch throughout the year. Daniel has 1 sister and a brother who has 3 boys. We all get together at least once a year to enjoy riding on Grammy and Grampy’s big boat, playing in the water, and having big family dinners.
Most of Dana’s family lives very close by, and we all see each other multiple times each week. Nana and Papa pastor our church, and her aunt, cousin, and nephew all take part in the church as well. We often take vacations together with Dana’s family, and we all get together for holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, where we play Family Bingo!

All of our family and friends are thrilled to welcome your child into the family!

Our Home in North Carolina

We live in a very safe, somewhat rural, mid-sized subdivision where there is a family-like feel among our friends and neighbors. Our 2-story home is clean and inviting with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We like to splash and swim in the backyard (gated) pool on hot days and cozy up around the woodstove in our bright sunroom when it’s chilly.  There is plenty of space in our fenced-in yard for playing and running and lots of trails in the woods for exploring. We enjoy using our back porch for grilling and relaxing. We have a dwarf rabbit, Coconut, who is sweet and cuddly as well as a goofy outdoor cat, Mr. O’Malley, who can usually be found out there enjoying himself in the shade.

Our promise to you

We promise to tell your child all about the wonderful story of their adoption, just as we did with Luca. We will tell them about you and the brave choice that you made, teach them about God and His un-ending grace, and love them in all that they do. We will nurture them and provide a safe environment to grow and learn about how to love themselves and love others. We promise to kiss their boo-boos and go crazy when they do something special. We promise to rock them to sleep, sing them lullabies, read them stories, and cuddle them even when they are way too big to sit on our laps.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Daniel & Dana

  Daniel Dana
Our EducationBachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering From NCSU, Associates Degrees in Manufacturing and Machining, GED
Our ProfessionsMechanical Design EngineerHome Maker, Home school teacher, Youth director
Stay-At-HomeNoYes, always.
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Daniel & Dana's Favorites
Super HeroThe HulkThor
Movie CandyTwizzlersPeanut M&Ms
AnimalSea HorsePandas
Classic Car1988-1992 Black Iroc-Z Camaro1980's Chevy Pickup Truck
MealAny kind of pasta with Italian Sausage.Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup
Outdoor PlaceThe WoodsThe Pool
HolidayIndependence DayThanksgiving
More About Our Family
Our Church and our Faith

Dana's dad has been a Pentecostal Holiness pastor for over 35 years and we still attend the same church that he married us in nearly 18 years ago. We both head up the youth program at our church with Dana teaching the younger Sunday school class while Daniel teaches the teenagers. We are very committed to our faith in Jesus and we believe that he has provided us with a hope that outshines any darkness. We are far from perfect, but we do try to live by God's Word while praying for His strength each day. Our church family is a very close, supportive group where we all worship together, laugh together, cry together and most importantly, pray together.

Our Neighborhood

We are just a short walk away from a private community beach, big community pools, a playground, and are only a few minutes' drive from the ocean and all the annual festivals and events that take place in the surrounding coastal communities. We have a seafood festival, a chill festival, pig-pickings, blueberry festival, mum festival, mullet festival, and so many more. We are both trained in CPR and first aid and Daniel's sister is an RN but if an emergency ever happens, the fire department and ambulance are only 2 miles away. We are a short drive to local hospitals and specialists and only a couple of hours from some of the best university medical centers in the country.

We like to take vacations

There's nothing quite as exciting as packing up a couple of bags and getting away for a few days. Nothing too fancy, but Daniel's job allows for over 4 weeks of vacation time each year and we take advantage of it as much as we can. We enjoy water parks, cruises, Disney, the Smokey Mountains, and anywhere else we can all have fun together.

Family Traditions

Family traditions make some of the best childhood memories. One of our favorite traditions is Fall apple picking- it is a seasonal must! Every Christmas, we have a big day where we bake and decorate lots of cookies together and then give them to friends and family. We also plan a special day of family fun each year in May to celebrate Luca's adoption, and we look forward to doing the same for your baby.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years old


Yes, double the blessing!


We are open to a boy or girl


We are excited to share our love with a child of any race.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning all about your thoughts and desires for your baby. We can't wait to begin this journey of open adoption with you and find the level of contact you are comfortable with. We are open to letters, emails, pictures, videos, phone calls, and or visits.

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