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A Letter from Dan & Michelle

We are a loving couple that is truly excited to be first time parents through adoption. We will provide your child with a loving, stable home with joy, fun, laughter and endless opportunities to learn and grow. We look forward to learning about you and your hopes for your child.

About Us

We are a loving, Christian, family-oriented, adventurous couple that enjoys traveling and experiencing new things. When we met we immediately realized we have a lot in common from our interests to the area that we grew up in. We enjoy going out together on weekends whether it is going to a museum, the zoo or going for walks or hikes when it is nice out. We both are very excited to start our family through adoption and sharing our experiences and our love for seeing new places and learning new things with your child. A favorite vacation spot for us has been Disney and we especially look forward to sharing that experience as well.

About Michelle From Dan

Michelle is all about making sure the family has everything we need. She wakes up early to make lunch, with a cute note included and makes sure the cats are fed.  Dinner is delicious where she turns the most basic ingredients into a masterpiece worthy of a master chef.

Michelle makes things happen and is always there to support others. From planning fundraisers for special needs to helping her family recover from hurricanes in Florida. When she is not working she enjoys going to yoga classes, relaxing with a good book, coloring and taking long runs through our neighborhood. Other times she can be found on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, watching her favorite hospital TV drama. She will be an amazing mother and will instill a lifetime passion for learning in our child.

About Dan From Michelle

Dan is a loving and supportive husband. He would do anything for family and friends often helping in times of need. He has a big heart and is one the most generous, passionate, determined man I know. Dan always knows how to make a person smile and laugh. He loves new experiences, going on adventures, playing chess and working with computers. I have always enjoyed his spontaneous nature and love his sudden weekend getaways and adventures with our niece and nephew.

He will be an amazing father providing love, support, laughter, knowledge, and experiences to our child. I know that he is excited to teach our child all about computers and to share his love of chess.

Our Home in Illinois

We have a 3 bedroom townhome in a small quiet suburb area. Our home is bright, welcoming and we love the fact that we are close to parks, the zoo, and museums. There is even a park down the street from our home and several beautiful and safe walking areas to take a stroll through after dinner. We share our home with our two cats, Sadie and Angus, who are both sweet and love people.

Our Family

Michelle is the youngest of 4 and has a very close family. Her mom and two sisters now live in Florida and her niece lives in Tennesee and has two sons. We visit Florida two to three times a year and talk almost every day. They are excited to welcome a child into the family and share their love for dolphins, boats, the beach and so much more.

Dan has two wonderful sisters. His older sister has three children and they all enjoy going on our adventures with us. He also has a younger sister.  All are excited to welcome another child in the family!

We love celebrating holidays with family and are looking forward to starting new traditions with your child. A favorite Christmas tradition is going to see the zoo lights as a big group.

Our Promise

We promise to provide your child with unconditional love and support as well as a nurturing environment with opportunities to learn and grow.  We will share our love for new things and traveling, as well as support, encourage, and provide opportunities for your child to follow his or her interests and dreams.

We welcome an open adoption and would be glad to share photos and updates and a visit if that is your wish.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.


Michelle and Dan

Learn More About Dan & Michelle

An audio message from Dan & Michelle

  Dan Michelle
Our EducationBachelors Degree in Management Information SystemsMasters Degree in Special Education
Our ProfessionsSr. IT Business AnalystSpecial Education Teacher
Stay-At-HomePart-time. Ability to work from home on OccassionNo. Possibly after baby arrives
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasionCaucasion
Some of Dan & Michelle's Favorites
ColorHunter GreenYellow
Favorite Vacation SpotsFlorida Marco Island,and MichiganFlorida Marco Island, and Disney, Michigan
Relaxing ActivityBuilding PCS, going for walksYoga, Zumba
HolidayHalloween enjoy decorating for trick or treaters and trick or treating with niece and nephew.Christmas We both enjoy decorating the trees.
Favorite board gameChessScrabble
Favorite MovieAliensSweet Home Alabama
Favorite FoodOystersPizza
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We enjoy traveling, going to museums, concerts in the park, hiking, and projects around the house together. We also have a lot of laughs as we put together a new piece of furniture we bought.

Our Faith

We are a Christian family coming from both a Catholic and Lutheran upbringing.

Our Musical Interest

We both like a variety of music from relaxing Enya to upbeat dance music.

About Our Home

We live in a 3 bedroom townhome. We share our home with 2 cats Sadie and Angus who are both sweet as can be.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

We are open to Newborn up to age 5


We are open to twins


Male or Female

Sibling Group

Yes with the oldest up to 5 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through our website and learn more about us. We are so excited to become first-time parents to your child and provide them with a home filled with love, laughter, and support. We look forward to getting to know you and to sharing letters, pictures, and visits.

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