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A Letter from Darian & Eva

Thank you so much for taking the time and learning about us and our life. We are an outgoing, open-minded couple always on the lookout for adventure! We love traveling, going to Disney, and laughing together. We each have been touched by adoption as our close cousins were adopted! We have always dreamed of growing our family through adoption and feel blessed for the opportunity to do so.

We are excited to share our lives with your child and share with them our passion for travel, sports, music, or any other activities we enjoy. We also look forward to learning about you and are open to sharing visits! We promise to deeply cherish you and your child.

About Us

We went to the same elementary school, had the same teachers, and Eva even gave the orientation for Darian’s university but we didn’t ‘met’ till around 9 years!  We have now been married for 4 years and make each other laugh every day.

We enjoy traveling- be it near or far, creating projects together, and going to Disney any chance we can. We love spending time playing basketball, dancing with each other, playing with our dog Silvester, and creating educational content for our aerospace business which we have owned for over 4 years now. Our business has given us many wonderful opportunities within our community and allows us to be home part-time for when baby arrives! We are looking forward to providing your child with all the opportunities to enjoy and grow through life. We are excited to teach them how to playing ball, swim in our pool, tinker, paint and so much more!

About Darian

Darian truly balances me out and pushes me to be my best self. When I wanted to pursue our community programs he sat down with me and helped me write them out, organize them, and make a plan.

Darian is the most giving, caring, and open-minded man I have ever met. He loves tinkering, making drones that fly by themselves, and enjoys spending time building educational programs for students. When not doing this, he’s outside playing with our dog or working in our yard.  He is a prankster that is always making us laugh- especially when he plays pranks on me! Truly, hardly a day goes by without us laughing. His excitement is infectious and I know he will be a wonderfully active and fun-loving dad. Darian is so excited to share his passion for tinkering with our child and looks forward to making them laugh every day!

About Eva (A Letter from Darian)

Eva has a great smile, an infectious laugh, and her daily vivid expressions are what I find most endearing. She spent 7 years as a teacher and was known as one of the funniest teachers at her school! She can make me laugh and cry all at the same time!

She enjoys dancing, especially Hispanic dancing as it helps her stay connected to her roots. Throughout the year she enjoys decorating our home for the seasons, going to Disney, and planning family outings- from evenings around the bonfire to day trips to the beach and Christmas light show tours! She also enjoys creating educational content with me. Eva will be a wonderful mom and is already excited to plan sensory table activities that change with the seasons, show our child how to make a cloud in a bottle, and take our child flower and plant hunting during hikes.

Our Family

Our family is very loving and accepting- they are all thrilled about our adoption! We always look out for each other and celebrate each milestone and achievement. We are always surrounded by our little cousins- some live close by while others travel and join us during the holidays! Our home has turned into a place everyone gathers in. We suspect is our cooking and fun activities like gingerbread house making!

Every time we gather, there is plenty of music (our families all play an instrument), dancing, and games. Even during COVID, we maintained these traditions virtually.

Our Home in Massachusetts and Texas

We own a home in both Massachusetts and Texas! While Massachusetts is our main home we spend a good amount of time each year in our Texas home visiting with family and friends.

In MA, our home is 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms with a finished basement, a fenced-in backyard, and a pool. One of our rooms is already set up as a gender-neutral nursery for your child! We live in a quiet neighborhood full of friendly families and are one block away from a playground, a biking trail, and only 4 minutes away from a school that has wonderful programs!

In TX, we have a 3-bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and a fenced-in backyard. It is close to a children’s museum and a waterpark.

Our Promise To You

We promise to raise your child in a home full of love, laughter, fun, adventures, and educational opportunities. We promise to love him/her unconditionally and to pour ourselves into their lives to make sure they can prosper and grow into a caring well-rounded person. We will encourage a love for others, education, animals, and God. We look forward to getting to know you as well, learning about your hopes for the future, and build a relationship with you all while sharing your child milestone moments through pictures, videos, letters, and visits.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Darian & Eva

  Darian Eva
Our EducationComputer Science EngineeringBachelors in Education and Linguistics, Masters in Business Administration
Our ProfessionsChief Technology Officer and Aerospace Standards Committee Officer Chief Executive Officer and Business Professor
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian/ Hispanic Caucasian/ Hispanic
Some of Darian & Eva's Favorites
Snack:Chocolate, chocolate, and when anything else fails, chocolate! Since he had all the chocolate, sour patch kids! 🙂
Hobby:Programming, tinkering in the garage, pranking my wife, and watching movies out in our backyard.Reading, creating (drawing, writing, or helping my husband with his projects), avoiding his pranks (which is hilarious when I do!), and watching movies.
vacation:Disney! I will never get tired of it.Disney and Stonehenge. I felt I was walking into an Outlander set!
Family Traditions:Family cookout during Thanksgiving and Christmas.Putting on the holiday music and decorating the house and family Christmas get together.
Things to do as a Family:Travel, watch documentaries/movies, and game night. My mother in law is HILARIOUS at UNO. Travel, movie nights, and biking! (I have some fond memories of biking and him. He was the one that helped me overcome my fear and helped me learn how to ride a bike!)
Color:Navy blue.I can't choose! I like blue, purple, and yellow.
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love doing a lot of different things. We especially love to travel. Be it Disney (because we will never be too old for Disney!!), visiting Stonehenge, visiting with family, or more! We also love playing outside. Our warm weekends are spent outside in the garden playing with the dog in the pool.

Our Faith

We were both raised with strong Christian values. Eva's family are all pastors so faith has always been important. As our family grows, we believe in teaching about God's love and kindness for people to be great tools to help children grow with incredible self-worth and compassion for others.

Our Musical Interest

We love karaoke! Besides, Eva was raised in a family of musicians. She grew up in a choir and we like to put it to the test during family karaoke night. Eva plays the piano and I play the guitar. We listen to pretty much a variety of music from pop to broadway musicals and rock n roll.

As a family, we believe music is an incredible tool to help children express themselves and develop a special connection with their emotions and art.

About Our Neighborhood

We are blessed to live in a quiet neighborhood where we are surrounded by caring people. Our neighbors are always present and we send each other little details during the holidays. Our next-door neighbor always surprises us with one of her delicious bakes and the children in our street always enjoy coming over to pet Silverster every time we are out and about during walks.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old





In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We are looking forward to growing our family through the wonderful gift of adoption. We promise to give your child a loving home where he/she will have all the educational and enrichment opportunities they desire to pursue. We will ensure that they grow up with music, world travel, and love in their lives. We promise that your child will be the center of our lives and will take every opportunity to share their lives with you. We look forward to getting to know you!

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