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A Letter from Frank & Rebecca

We are a compassionate and adventurous couple excited to become first-time parents through adoption. We look forward to sharing a community of love, warm memories, laughter, and fun with our precious child. Our friends and family know us as a generous and thoughtful couple who love to serve and enjoy the fellowship of family and church. We have been praying for you and look forward to learning more about you and your hopes for your child.

About Us

We met at college and were instantly attracted to each other’s love for God and others. Frank knew he wanted to marry Rebecca when she piggy-backed off his joke, and she knew he was the one when he won her with his chivalrous ways and thoughtful gestures. We have been married for 16 years and cannot have children due to God’s plan. Our journey has led us to pursue adoption, and we are excited to love a child. Throughout our marriage, we have always prioritized ways to spend time together. Whether we have a simple coffee date or an adventurous camping trip, we love to find ways to invest in one another. Some of our favorite things are opening our home for dinner, loading the dogs in the car and going on random adventures, listening to music, and having deep, meaningful conversations while working on renovating our house. For vacations, we love to visit family and friends out of town, camp, or go places with historical significance. Many of our favorite activities flow easily into involving our child. We can’t wait to start making memories!


About Rebecca (by Frank)

Rebecca is a kind, loving, generous, and highly thoughtful individual. She has the most contagious laugh and loves to have fun with friends and family. She is honest, loyal, and deeply devoted to her faith. Rebecca is a kindergarten teacher, her dream job! As a teacher, she enjoys giving children the skills and education they need to be successful future citizens.

She enjoys baking, cooking, having friends over for coffee or tea in her free time, and talking about the Lord and what He is doing. In these times of fellowship, Rebecca is in her element–listening, loving, and thoughtfully encouraging others. She is a big-time reader and loves books. I love this about her! This adoption journey is a large part of her life as she feels deeply, with every ounce of her being, that God’s will for her life is to be a mother. She always talks about what she wants to teach our future child–love, honor, respect, manners, courage, and a love for others. She has worked hard to build a large, strong community of other mothers and grandparents to help her.

About Frank (by Rebecca)

Frank left a huge impression on my heart 17 years ago when we met at college. I noticed how quickly he served others, how intentionally he built life-long relationships, and how his heart helped fill needs. Frank has always brought humor, boundless energy, and thoughtfulness into my life and others. I admire how he picks up the phone to check in on someone or finds the time to include people in his everyday life.

Frank keeps busy renovating our home, baking (his banana bread is my favorite), and spending time with his family or friends. Frank loves to fix things and enjoys challenging his mind with how something works or can be better. Frank is a talented flight nurse whose compassion and excellent skills align with his love for adventure. Some of my favorite things about Frank is his patience, care, and kindness with children. He looks forward to tinkering in the garage with our child, making up silly games to get the giggles, to teach them how to fix something, and tenderly supporting and loving them in whatever they want to do with their life.

Our Family

Our families are ecstatic to meet this child, look forward to being involved in his/her life, and welcome them as part of our family. Frank’s family lives nearby and eagerly awaits being first-time grandparents. We get together at least once a week for dinner to connect. Rebecca’s family lives in the Midwest, but we see each other a few times a year, and they love to visit us in Colorado. Our families are supportive and excited to welcome this child with open arms.

Our Home in Colorado

We love living in a spacious 5-bedroom Tudor-style home in a quiet cul-de-sac. We have a large backyard with plans to add a playground. We plan to make one of the rooms near ours into a Peter Rabbit themed nursery. We chose to live in this city because it is family-oriented, it’s close to Frank’s family, and has a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Fortunately, we are not far from hiking trails, lakes, mountains, and camping, and we enjoy taking advantage of the museums, zoo, and library.

Our Promise to You

We promise to nurture your child in a safe and loving Christian home. As parents, we desire to give your child opportunities to have an excellent education and to participate in their extracurricular interests, playdates, and birthday parties. We believe it is crucial to instill the knowledge of God’s love for them at an early age. We desire to be loving, structured, and dependable parents with whom your child can have trust and open communication. We want them to be able to come to us with their mistakes, triumphs, and needs. We vow to honor their sacred story by sharing with them how they came to be adopted into our family, to be transparent about their family of origin, and to honor their desire (and yours) to cultivate an open and harmonious relationship with you. We believe in healthy, open communication with you, their birth mother, whether it be through scheduled visits, chats, letters, photos, or videos. We promise to honor our child’s curiosity, questions, and desires in cultivating a relationship with you.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Frank & Rebecca

  Frank Rebecca
Our EducationBSN-NursingMEd-Master of Teaching and Learning
Our ProfessionsFlight NurseTeacher
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Frank & Rebecca's Favorites
Thing to bakeChocolate chip banana bread, pumpkin bread, & chocolate chip cookiesSticky toffee pudding or homemade pizza
Way to show appreciationGiving a card or gift Send a personal thank you note
Cuisine Mediteranean-Greek SaladMediteranean-Lamb Shawarma
Type of weatherClear skies with a brisk breezeWarm Autumn sunny days
Personal itemWedding album My Mom's 25th wedding anniversary ring
Way to find motivation when stuckPrayer, reading my Bible, phoning a friendPrayer, reading my Bible, making a list and checking things off
Sightseeing destination Mountains & trees with the smell of the pineHistorical places (museums or significant buildings)
More About Our Family
Fun Facts About Us

-Rebecca started collecting children's books when she was 16 and loves to read to children
-Rebecca is most grateful for Frank taking care of her mom when she was dying from cancer
-Frank started working on bikes and motorcycles when he was 10 and maintains our vehicles
-Frank taught Rebecca how to find amazing deals at thrift stores and garage sales
-We took a trip to England in 2023, and it inspired us to be future world travelers

Our Pets

We have two dogs. Takoda is a chocolate lab full of energy who loves people. Tahlia is a pitsky (pitbull/husky mix) who is calm and gentle. We have trained them to be gentle with children, and they somehow become the main event when children visit (the kids often cry about leaving the dogs rather than us!). They will adore a new little member of their pack.

They would say their favorite things are:
-chasing each other
-romping around dog parks
-cuddling with people

Our Musical and Cultural Interests

Rebecca loves going to plays and concerts. Her grandparents often took her to children's plays around Christmas and the local University theater to see "The Music Man" (her Papa's favorite). She grew up playing piano and flute and singing in a Madrigal choir in college (she played handbells while singing). As a teacher, she believes incorporating singing helps children to remember key concepts and keeps them engaged.

Frank loves to listen to classical and Christian music. He started playing cello as Yo-Yo-Ma (one of his favorite musicians) inspired him. Frank and Rebecca are known to make up random songs about their dogs for a laugh.

Our Traditions

-baking cookies and treats for special occasions
-getting out Rebecca's great-grandmother's china for entertaining
-church events (summer BBQ, holiday services, and family events)
-traveling to see family a few times a year
-hiking or camping with the dogs in the summer
-read to friends' children, nieces, and nephews from Rebecca's collection of children's books

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn-3 months





In Closing

We are honored to be supported by many friends and family as we desire to adopt our first child. It is our hearts' desire to be nurturing and supportive parents to the child God has for us, and to teach them how to be a steward of the gifts, abilities and talents that are unique to them. We have been praying for you, and look forward to chats, and sharing milestones with you via pictures, videos, letters and occasional visits. You will always have a special place in our hearts and home.

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