A Letter from Jeremy & Megan

Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We are a loving, affectionate, fun, and faithful family of four, and we cannot wait to add a new member through the blessing of adoption!  We are excited to meet you and get to know the values that are important to you and the experiences and memories you would like your child to have as they grow.

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About Us

We met in what Megan likes to call “the old-fashioned way” on Match.com.  We knew each other for eight years before we got married and we have now been married for six years!  We have two children; Drew, who is 18  from Jeremy’s previous marriage, and Robert, who is 5.  We love having animals in our home and have two dogs, three cats, and two guinea pigs!  We also love spending time outdoors, specifically lake fishing on our boat, attending special events and festivals, and going to the beach.  When home, we enjoy cooking, playing games, having movie nights, and trying new restaurants.  All things we are excited to share with our next child!


Megan is loyal, honest, thoughtful, and caring.  She is creative, curious, and always willing and excited to learn something new.  She enjoys being active and spending time in the outdoors, especially swimming and kayaking.  Megan is an active volunteer at our church and works with Youth Ministry and Habitat for Humanity.  She studied elementary education in college and loves being a stay-at-home mom to our younger son.  Family is her first priority, and she is thrilled to welcome another child into our family to share her passions with. Her heart is so full of love, and she makes life fun for everyone around her.


Jeremy is honestly the kindest and most caring man I know.  He is extremely thoughtful and generous, not only with monetary things but generous with his time and affection. He is a true family man and cares deeply for us all.  Jeremy works for a large pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines for children and is the first to offer help to others in any way he can. He is able to work from home, which is a blessing for the whole family.  Jeremy loves to be on the lake fishing, on the golf course, or behind the grill.  As a father, he loves to coach our son’s sports, help with homework, play games, teach and console with love.  Jeremy is looking forward to teaching our next child all about fishing and sharing all his other passions with them.


Our Sons

Robert (5) is a complete joy and loves to play, explore, listen to music, read, learn, take care of the pets, and snuggle.  Right now, he’s into Plants vs Zombies and all things Halloween.  We have spoken with him about our adoption and he’s excited to be a big brother. He looks forward to teaching his sibling new things and playing with them.

Drew (18) just graduated high school, where he played trumpet in the marching, concert and jazz bands. Drew will be attending the local community college in the fall and plans to transfer to a state school after his first year. He looks forward to sharing his passion for music with another sibling!

We are so thankful for our two boys.  We know they will be amazing brothers to a new sibling.

Our Home in North Carolina

We are currently living in a rental home while we build a home in Virginia that will be finished in December. We are making the move to Virginia, three hours away, to be closer to Megan’s family.

Our rental home is a three-bedroom, one-level brick house with a huge backyard. We are within walking distance of the grocery store, restaurants, and shops. The library is less than two miles away, and there are public parks all around us.

Our new home in Virginia will be a two-story, five-bedroom home with a finished basement. The community is a gated community on a lake with a private clubhouse, pool, beach, athletic fields, playgrounds, and community garden. The neighborhood is set in a more rural setting, with the town being 15 minutes away. The area is a very historical part of Virginia with so much to offer.

Our Promise

We would be honored to have you consider us as potential parents to your child.  The thought of your child joining our family brings us great joy.  We feel very fortunate to be able to provide your child with a safe, happy, loving home as well as financial security and educational opportunities. We promise that your child will be loved unconditionally and have every opportunity to grow into the unique, special person they were meant to be.

We have faith that God has a plan for our family and are praying for you through this adoption. We would love to keep in contact with you at your comfort level through pictures, letters, and visits. 

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Jeremy & Megan

  Jeremy Megan
Our EducationBachelors of Science in BiochemistryBachelors of Science in Elementary Education
Our ProfessionsAssociate Director at a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing PlantWife/ Stay at Home Mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Jeremy & Megan's Favorites
DessertsOreo Cream Cheese Pie, Cheese CakeChocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies
MusicJimmy Buffet, Rock, Rap, Classic RockHard Rock, Alternative, 80's, 90's, Reggae, Yacht Rock
Fast Foood Taco Bell, Steak and Shake, Smithfield's ChickenBoJangles. McDonalds, Cookout
Sports TeamsPittsburgh Steelers Football, Indiana University Basketball, Chicago Bulls BasketballPittsburgh Steelers, Ole Miss College Football, Hurricanes Hockey, Orioles Baseball
FoodsPizza, Mexican, Sea Bass, SteaksCoconut Shrimp, Cashew Chicken, Steak and Cheese, Hibachi
TVShowsSupernatural, Yellowstone, Master Chef, Masked Singer, Ancient Aliens, Impractical JokersGreys Anatomy, This is Us, Survivor, American Idol, Law and Order, Hells Kitchen, Top Chef, Project Runway
More About Our Family
Adoption to our Family

Adoption is nothing new in our family! Megan and her brother were both adopted and always viewed adoption as a positive experience of great love by both their birthmothers and adoptive parents. They were raised to know that 'Adoption means love'. We both have cousins who have adopted children. Our families are huge supporters of adoption and view all children as gifts from God.

Our Pets

We are a family of animal lovers! We have two dogs, Porter (5) and Millie (3), Three cats; Pickles, Bella, and Bailey, and two guinea pigs, Cocoa and Buttercup. They are all true members of our family and great with kids. We know that animals will always be part of our lives- There are so many benefits to having them!

Family Traditions

4th of July Fireworks Show
Every year we do a fourth of July cookout, and then Megan sets up a home fireworks show in the yard for the family.
Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot
When we celebrate at Jeremy's parent's house on the lake, Megan fills balloons with helium, draws turkeys on them, and ties them to sticks. Then the whole family shoots the turkey balloons with BB guns from the deck.
Nutcracker Ballet
For the last several years, we have been going to watch the Nutcracker Ballet at Christmas time. Megan grew up watching it on TV with her mom and carries on the tradition.

Our Faith

We are a Catholic Family. We were both raised in Catholic households. Megan's birthmother wanted her raised Catholic, and her adopted parents did just that. She attended Catholic school from first grade through College! We attend weekly mass, and Robert attends the Catholic Parish preschool, where Megan volunteers as room mom.

Faith is very important to us. We encourage our boys to live moral and faithful lives and to have a personal relationship with God. Although we are strong Catholics, we do not discriminate against other religions. We have friends of all faiths and feel it's important to educate ourselves and our children about these other faiths and to respect them.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn and two years old


Yes. We would welcome twins!


We will lovingly take either sex

Sibling Group

Yes with the oldest up to 2 years old.

In Closing

We hope our website helped you to learn enough about us to consider us as parents for your child. Jeremy is excited for another fishing buddy and Megan cannot wait to care for and play with another little one. She's also looking forward to having a special bond with your baby as an adoptee herself. We look forward to getting to know you and the plans and dreams you have for your child. Thank you so much for choosing adoption and hopefully considering us. We look forward to getting to know all about you in the coming weeks!

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