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A Letter from Michael & Becca

Hello from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest!
We are Michael and Becca – we’ve been married for 7 years and are so excited to become parents! Together we’ve built a beautiful life, are well-established in our careers, and are thrilled to enter this next chapter of life.
We love God, are laid back, and find joy in the simple things in life. We’re active and love taking advantage of Washington’s great outdoors. We would love to get to know you and the hopes and dreams you have for your child! We are open to letters, phone calls, and visits.

About Us

As Christians we attend church weekly, participate in life groups with friends, and find importance in serving at our church. Currently, Becca serves in a kindergarten Sunday school class, and Michael serves on the church security team.

We are introverts at heart and love to relax at home surrounded by trees and the sounds of nature. We also love the great outdoors and exploring our state! We take advantage of our surroundings: ocean beaches, lakes, rivers, mountain trails, and even quaint small-town shopping. Our families are another huge part of our life and we fully take advantage of the fact that most of them live within 30 minutes of us by hosting game nights and fun get-togethers whenever able.

We are thrilled to grow our family through adoption and share our passions for the great outdoors and the cozy comforts of our home with your child all while loving them deeply and teaching them about the Lord.

About Michael ... by Becca

Michael has a deep sense of duty to his family, never hesitates to step in and help others in need of a hand, and truly has a heart for the Lord. He is studious about getting to know the Bible deeper and loves having conversations about our faith. Michael works diligently to further himself in his career as an estimator for a general contractor for our family. In his free time, he loves doing a variety of activities! He plays guitar, writes his own music, and also enjoys gaming on the Xbox. At the same time, he’s super adventurous and loves getting outside- especially for hunting or fishing! Michael is also a skilled craftsman and has made projects around the home including our fireplace, entryway, and nursery batten-board walls.

Michael is going to be the dad that goes the extra mile, who loves unconditionally, who leads by example, and will help cultivate our child’s self-confidence in themselves and in Christ.

About Becca ... by Michael

Becca truly has a heart for others, and never shy from showing compassion and empathy.  Becca enjoys quiet time at home and is passionate about healthy living and being active. She competes in Olympic weightlifting and coaches CrossFit at a local gym.  She also has a passion for trying new things and has dappled in everything from playing the ukulele, painting, photography, and sign language. Becca has a true passion for learning, something that fits perfectly with being an elementary teacher. She loves teaching her students and adores time with our young niece and nephews. I know she will bring her love and knowledge of child development and nurturing demeanor seamlessly into our home with your child.

I know she will be a wonderful mother and looks forward to sharing her love of the Lord with our child, exploring the park alongside them, and cheering them on at any of their sports games.

Our Home in Western Washington

Our home is our favorite place to be! We are located on a private, residential street amidst suburban housing and farmlands with some peek-a-boo views of the mountains. We’re just 10 minutes from the local parks and lakes, and just a bit further to a salt-water beach. Our home was built in 2021 and was picked with our growing family in mind. One of our favorite spaces is our large, covered back patio. It’s a cozy place to hang out rain or shine!

We have two sweet dogs, Benelli and Piper. They are hypo-allergenic and super loving and gentle. They are funny and friendly, and we know will make great companions for your child.

Our Family

Our extended families are ecstatic about our adoption! They are all thrilled to welcome your child into our life.

Both sets of our parents live within 30 minutes of our home. Most of our siblings live near us as well, and there are 5 young cousins who are all looking forward to growing up with your child! Our families are big, full of lots of love, and filled with many wonderful family traditions. We look forward to introducing your child to all of our family traditions- especially our summers at the lake, weekend game nights, and huge holiday parties.

Our Promise

We promise to love and provide for your child relentlessly. We promise to take every opportunity to nurture their development, interests, character, and health. We promise to provide them with quality education, opportunities to explore interests and passions, and all that they need to grow. We will set them up for success in their future endeavors by beginning a college fund and keeping their lifetime, not just childhood, is our focus. We will always speak highly of you and will share with them their adoption story from an early age. They will grow up knowing how much love you have for them. Finally, and most importantly, we promise to raise them in Christ’s love.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Michael & Becca

  Michael Becca
Our Education2-Year DegreeMaster's Elementary Education
Our ProfessionsEstimator - Remodeling CompanyElementary School Teacher
Stay-At-HomeNoNo - consistent breaks aligned with school schedule, summers off
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Michael & Becca's Favorites
Way to spend a weekendSaturdays are a day for play and Sundays are a day for rest and recharging! Going out and about on Saturday (shopping or being out in nature) and then really laid back Sunday spent at home after church.
Time of year and whyLate summer and fall! I love to hunt so it's an exciting time of year for that hobby! I love September through December! The beginning of the school year is exciting, and then there are several holidays that build up to Christmas (my favorite)!
Food to make at homeOur new house has a huge covered patio, so I've been really getting into grilling!It's definitely taco night!
Way to hang out with our extended familiesI love it when we head out to the lake with my family. With Becca's side, I love it when we have family dinner and game nights. My side of the family has an annual trip to a lake in Canada! With Michael's side, it's anytime we are together and outside. We're often having game nights, bonfires, picnics, or playing yard games.
Thing about our homeI love how private our home is, yet we're so close to everything we need. It's totally our yard and neighborhood! We're on 1 acre and nestled into trees and protected woodlands. It's idyllic and such a calm space.
Hobby or pastimeMy favorite hobbies are hunting, guitar/music, and gaming. For me, it's totally weightlifting, coaching CrossFit, crochet, and other arts & crafts!
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Becca's special interests include trying and developing new skills! Becca is never tired of being a beginner at something! She has dappled in ukulele, painting, photography, and sign language. Becca is also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle! She is meticulous about prepping lunches and snacks for her work week, exercising throughout the week, and choosing joy for a healthy mindset.
Becca teaches at our local elementary school and has taught 5 years in kindergarten, a year in 1st, and is about to begin 2nd grade. 

Michael's special interests include writing his own music and craftsmanship. Michael plays guitar and enjoys spending time plucking out new rhythms and songs. He will also collaborate with his brother on music! Michael is a craftsman through and through. A year ago, he couldn't find the right type of knife he wanted for fishing, so he MADE one. Then, he turned around and made a couple more as gifts for our fathers. Michael's craftsmanship also extends to projects around the home. He made our fireplace, entryway, and nursery batten-board walls. In the past, he's built Becca blanket ladders, coffee tables, and installed tile. Michael is the handiest man to have around!
He has worked in the construction field since the age of 16! Recently, he got to make the move from lead carpenter to an estimator.  

Our Faith

Michael came to know Jesus in middle school and Becca came to know Jesus in high school! They met at a community college club called CRU which is a Christian club. Their faith is the center of their life. Becca and Michael enjoy reading the Bible and have a pile of studies they take turns going through together. They firmly believe they need to live out Christ's love to others and try their best to do just that each day.

"Avid Homebodies"... with a side of adventure

Yup. It's true. We LOVE being home. It's sort of hard to leave when it's just so nice to be home! We are introverts at heart, so we love to recharge in our retreat-like home surrounded by trees and nature sounds. BUT - we are also in an amazing part of WA state where there's so much to explore! So, when we do feel rested we love taking advantage of our surroundings: ocean beaches, lakes, rivers, mountain trails, and even quaint small-town shopping.
While we totally love a good lazy afternoon around the home, we also love stepping outside the door and going exploring! One of our recent favorites since moving to the new home is visiting a local salt-water beach on an inlet and beach-combing.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 3 months


Yes! We are open to twins!


We will love a child of either gender.


We will love a child of any race.

In Closing

Thank you for getting to know a little about us! We are looking forward to so many moments with your child, both in our cozy home and also out in nature. We would love to get to know you and your hopes for your child, too! We are open to phone calls, letters, and visits in the future!

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