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A Letter from Tim & Dani

Hi! We are Tim and Dani from Texas. We’re thrilled to expand our family through adoption! We are a Christian family who love God and each other deeply. We share an eagerness for learning, Tim in science and technology and Dani in creative pursuits. We enjoy long walks, active vacations, reading and gaming.

We admire your courage in making the decision of adoption for your child. We hope that after getting to know us, you will let us get to know you too. Your hopes and dreams for your child are important to us. We believe the relationship we establish with you will provide your child with a lifetime of love and support.

About Us

We have been married 20 years after meeting and dating in college. After trying unsuccessfully to have children, we realized God’s plan for us was adoption. We were blessed to adopt our son Dexter in 2020. We feel God is leading us to adopt again.

As a couple, we enjoy watching murder mysteries, playing Minecraft, and trying new restaurants. We travel often, with hopes to visit all fifty states. We attend a musical event in every city we visit, a tradition we will continue with our children. At home, we are outside daily with Dexter, gardening, and playing. As a family, we go to sporting events, the zoo, and the arboretum. We also enjoy visiting the library, park, and pool in our local community. We joyfully await our next child joining us on journeys around town. We look forward to sharing our love for both travel and cultural diversity.

About Dani

Dani is funny, kind, generous, and an excellent mom and partner. I love Dani’s enthusiasm for music and art and her ability to encourage others. She is highly artistic and enjoys creating. We display her paintings and glass pieces in our home. She is an avid performer and shines in performance settings. Before staying home with Dexter, Dani was a music teacher, directing musicals and award-winning choirs.

Dani is a huge soccer fan, a pastime she shares with Dexter. Her favorite workouts are Zumba and swimming. Dani also enjoys reading and loves being outside, gardening, and taking walks with Dexter. She intends to share her passion for music, art, athletics, and gardening with our next child.

About Tim

I love Tim’s warmth and kindness. He has a peaceful nature. He is a fantastic listener and is thoughtful toward others. Tim’s cheerful demeanor keeps me laughing. I respect his far-ranging intelligence, self-motivation, and thirst for knowledge! He is an avid, well-informed reader. Tim puts his people skills to effective use as a senior health and safety manager. Tim’s training as a geologist developed his love of travel.

Tim enjoys playing a wide variety of computer games. He practices yoga and listens to science podcasts while working out at the gym. He excels at outdoor survival skills like fire making, building shelters, and fishing. Tim is a hands-on Dad, who enjoys showing Dexter how things work. Tim plans to share his outdoor skills, love of travel, and scientific enthusiasm with our next child.

Our Son

Our son, Dexter, is an active 22-month-old boy who loves playing outside, climbing, swimming, and seeing how things work. We adopted Dexter and maintain a wonderful open adoption with his birth family. We enjoy watching him explore nature, animals, and new foods. We love to cook together. TV time with Tim includes watching Battle Bots and with Dani watching soccer – yelling, GOAL! Dexter has been practicing saying “I big brother!” Our hearts look forward to nurturing the sibling bond between your child and Dexter. Your child will have a brother who loves to laugh, dance, and share his toys.

Our Home in Beautiful Texas

Our home is in a lovely neighborhood within the Dallas Metroplex. We love the weather and the friendly people. We live in a two-story, open concept house with four bedrooms, a playroom, and a home theatre. We cannot wait to transform our spare room into a nursery for our next child! Our yard is large and fenced-in with a fire pit for family time and entertaining. We enjoy decorating for the holidays and creating garden landscapes. Our welcoming neighbors are families with kids and folks of retirement age. We live close to a fantastic nature center with walking paths and children’s parks.

Our Promise- From Us To You

We promise to give your child our unconditional love and protection, provide a loving, stable home, and teach them to love God and others. We’ll provide your child with an excellent, rich education and nurture their creativity and independence as they grow. Your child can explore the world, dream big and pursue their interests with enthusiasm. We will help your child face life with positivity when overcoming obstacles. We will raise your child to be a kind, compassionate and loving person who will be a light to others. We will be honest about your child’s adoption, and you will have a place of honor in our family.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Tim & Dani

  Tim Dani
Our EducationBS - Geology Master's - GeologyBFA - Music Performance, Voice Master's - Music Education PK-12
Our ProfessionsSenior Health and Safety ManagerFormerly: Choral, Theatre & General Music Teacher. Currently: Stay-at-home Mom
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian- EnglishCaucasian - Native American, German and English
Some of Tim & Dani's Favorites
CityNew York CityLondon
DessertCheesecakeNo-Bake Cookies
Leisure ActivityWashing the CarGardening
Subject in SchoolGeologyMusic/Art
Children's BookThe Magic Faraway TreeFrog and Toad
Video GameTeam Fortress 2Minecraft
More About Our Family
Our Extended Family & Friends

Dani grew up in Ohio with her parents, two sisters and one brother. We visit Ohio regularly, enjoying backyard campfires and competitive board game traditions. We also enjoy Black Friday shopping and Christmas breakfasts. Dani’s parents host a family reunion every two years. Dani’s family is delighted to add another member to the family, especially the cousins!

Tim’s entire family lives in the UK. We visit once a year, and Tim’s family visit every two years. He also stays connected through video chats. While growing up, Tim’s family visited extended family monthly, talking in each other’s homes while drinking vast quantities of tea (no joke). This child will be the second grandchild for Tim’s parents, who cannot wait to share the traditions of England with a little one!

We are also blessed to have a wonderful group of friends who adore Dexter and are eager to meet our next child.

Three Things We Love About Our City

1. The botanical garden and arboretum. It’s beautiful in every season. We also enjoy outdoor concerts, cooking classes, and art festivals with our season pass.

2. The fantastic zoo. Our son, who loves animals, especially enjoys the Dino Safari and the zoo lights.

3. Multiple professional sports teams. We love having so many sports options close to our home. We are huge soccer fans and love attending FC Dallas games.

Five Qualities We Value

1. Faith
2. Open-mindedness
3. Intellectual Honesty
4. Creativity
5. Integrity

Fun Facts About Us

Tim is a Queen's Scout, the UK version of an Eagle Scout. To earn his Queen’s Scout honor, he utilized his survival skills on a deserted island for a week. Tim looks forward to sharing his scout experience with Dexter and our next child.

Dani has sung professionally in seven countries with different choirs. Dani cherishes her travel and performance experiences. She hopes that both Dexter and our next child will develop a love of music and traveling the world.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 6 years old




Either gender!

In Closing

Our family of three is excited to expand! We are fun-loving people who look forward to traveling, being in nature, and participating in the arts with our next child. Sharing our love for God and our church family is important to us. We have a close-knit extended family who celebrate life’s events with laughter, great food, and love. We are looking forward to sharing these traditions with your baby. We appreciate and respect you; we’re thankful for you and the journey we’ll take together. We make this commitment to you – to tell your child about you, your strength of character and your love for them. We are happy to digitally communicate, sharing photos and videos about your child’s life and accomplishments. We are open to meeting annually or bi-annually. We wish you peace and resolution in your decision making. If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

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